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11 Newton Dr.
North York, ON M2M 2M6
Pharmacist's role:
Your trusted pharmacist as a medication expert is available every day to look after your health and well_being. Pharmacist as your healthcare advisor is trained on diseases’ and minor ailments’ symptoms , thier treatments and all red flags that need doctor’s appointment. Your community pharmacist has excellent knowledge of all kind of medications puts all of this knowledge at your service. Also , your trusted pharmacist is a valuable resource to help you adapt a healthy lifestyle and prevent illnesses , eating a balance diet and maintaining a healthy weight , not smoking and managing your stress.

Committed For excellence

We are proud to serve our clients professionally
we are committed to the health and safety of residents. Special care and attitude toward our loved seniors is a must, handling patients proscription with details and accuracy from all ages , just a call away for prescription fillings, advise and consultations. You are invited to explore our services at your local Aria pharmacy and learn about what is available in_store and online to meet your health’s need.
Dr. Nasrin Noorani,Pharm D.

Pharmacy Owner & Manager

Aria Pharmacy services

We have all your pharmacy needs covered
  • All drug plan accepted
  • Free flu shoots and all publicly_funded vaccines
  • Free blister packaging
  • Free medication review.OTC and Vits
  • Medication Take Back​
  • OHIP+​
  • Free prescription delivery
  • Compunding medications
  • Prescription Refills
  • Prescription Renewals
  • Prescription Transfer
  • Over-the-Counter Medication
Discounts for Seniors, Newcomers, Students and Refuges

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11 Newton Dr.
North York, ON M2M 2M6

Phone:(416) 792-3743
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